At heart I’m a storyteller creating a world of unique characters to speak about the more global issues of interpersonal relationships. Most of my imagery is generated using the process of Automatism, a visual equivalent of free association, one of two main techniques that inspired much of Surrealist art work.

Drawings are begun by creating an abstract ground with free-flowing lines combining Japanese brush markers with standard ink pens.  For painting compositions, similar ground structures are created with brushes, sometimes using the drawings as starting points.

With both mediums, once the field of random marks and colors are established, characters and their stories then reveal themselves to me out of the shapes and lines. This process is akin to watching clouds travel across the sky, then seeing forms and scenes within the puffs, and swirls. I have demonstrated this process in my animated drawings.

For the past 13 years I have studied and produced abstract work with the goal to understand the effects of shape, color, and pattern on the picture plane. This current work of figuration represents a return to a more organic style of image making. The experience of being very open, and forth coming has engendered a response of universal recognition from viewers affirming my faith that we are more alike than different.